Lori Henriksen, Oregon, USAtestim

A few months before I met Sergio at his first Ashland, Oregon, workshop, my husband, Pat, was recovering nicely from open-heart quadruple bypass surgery. However, while in the hospital, he contracted a bacterial infection that would not respond to antibiotics. The doctors recommended a second surgery to relieve the symptoms. By the time of Sergio’s workshop, Pat’s skin was turning grayish and he had no energy. But it took just one session with Sergio to clear the infection. During the session Pat reports not remembering details, but, as his energy shifted, his body vibrated, and he surrendered to the process fully. It was a joy to see the look on the doctor’s face when Pat went for a follow-up exam. He had fully recovered without medicines and without surgery. Pat is soon to be 79. His heart is healthy and his body is strong. He plays tennis four times a week.


Steve Gautreau, Canada

I have been doing the 13–8 exercise for the past few years now. This is currently my fourth cycle of this exercise and the results have been amazing. I have healed many physical issues, like eye floaters, as well as deeper emotional issues and old patterns. This has become one of the foundational exercises for transformation that I use. Now I practise it not only for manifesting material things or healing, but for complete spiritual transformation. The energies are real – you can feel them. This exercise alone I have found to be life-changing.


Sarah Mohr, USA

In 2001, I suffered multiple head, neurological and neck injuries when roofers threw a shingle off my roof during a roof replacement in Florida. Several lingering injuries included occipital nerve damage, a shooting pain down my right arm to a point in the center of my palm, and the lack of feeling on the right side of my face. The diagnosis was permanent damage. Fast-forward to spring 2014, when I was a volunteer in my first healing class with Sergio. As I sat on a stool with my back to the class, I remember Sergio saying to let go. I finally did let go and felt cool air leave the lower part of my skull. While he was continuing with the healing, tingly little electrical shocks started traveling from the fingertips of my right hand up the right side of my face. It was as if that side of my body was reawakening. Tears of joy were running down my face, which was not normal for me. I had feeling in the right side of my face and no shooting pains. Several months later, I went to the doctor and was told I no longer had the permanent damage and my nerve was functioning normally. I no longer take pain medication and I have full use and feeling in my face, arm, and hand.


Valerie Niestrath, USA workshop organizer, April 2016

While at a workshop in the USA in the fall of 2012, Sergio taught the Tepeyolohtli manifestation ritual. After completing individual requests, he asked the group what they would like to create collectively. We chose several things: a good president (as elections were happening the following month); rain to ease the drought we had been experiencing for several years in Oregon (Sergio suggested this); and sustainable peace. We had not had a drop of rain for many months. What was amazing was that within two hours of the completion of the ritual the sky clouded up and it began to rain and continued raining for over three days. In October 2015, Sergio returned and did the ritual again. While the results were not as dramatic this time, they were still impressive. We again asked for rain, and as soon as we had completed the ritual and walked outside for the closing ceremony, it began to drizzle. Granted, there were a few clouds in the sky, yet the weather forecast hadn’t mentioned rain. The next day it rained heavily, with lightning and strong winds. The most remarkable occurrence of all has been that after many years western Oregon is no longer considered to be in a state of drought, according to the US Seasonal Drought Outlook Map.


Laura Heming, Canada

In the course of researching many ancient forms of spirituality, I came across the information that in several ancient cultures certain men and women knew how to reverse the ageing process. Their goal was to live long enough to fulfil their soul’s destiny without having to go back through the cycle of life, death and rebirth. When I was 55, I began to say, ‘When I turn 60, I’m going to find out how the ancients did their age-reversal so I can do it too!’ I turned 60 on April 21, 2014. By then, my knees were increasingly painful and my weight was making it more and more difficult to get around. On my last trip with Sergio to Mexico I had been so heavy and out of shape and my knees had been so bad that I had not been able to climb the Sun Pyramid to do a ceremony.
Over 2014 I just kept getting worse. By November I was wearing knee braces and taking so much pain medication I was worried about my liver. Climbing was almost impossible and of course my weight was going up. My chiropractor and physician were encouraging me to see a surgeon. I discovered that I had insulin resistance and began to take charge of my endocrine system. My weight began to come down, but my right knee was still agonizing. I finally went to my family doctor at the beginning of 2015 and he said that there was nothing holding my knee in place. X-rays showed I had moderate to severe arthritis in both knees. The doctor arranged for an MRI scan and made an appointment with the surgeon for the first week of May. That gave me five weeks to find a miracle. I attended Sergio’s age-reversal course and afterwards was diligent with the practices. Each day I began to get better. I began to research the supplements that were required to assist my recovery and I took them. It was as if the entire universe was supporting the process. Some of the best words I’ve ever heard came when I went to the surgeon and he said to me, ‘Laura, I’m sorry, but I can’t read your MRI.’ Horrified, I replied, ‘But I didn’t move an inch!’ He said, ‘No, it was very clear, but I can’t read it.’ Confused, I said, ‘But why?’.
He said, ‘If you had come to me after the X-ray, we would have been looking at a very serious surgery, but this isn’t the same knee. In fact I can’t really see any problem with it.’ I was ecstatic. ‘You mean I don’t have to have surgery?’ He replied, ‘No, not if you are not having any pain or other issues. Keep doing what you’re doing.’ Now, just over a year later, I have completed 365 days of agereversal. I have lost over 50 pounds and am walking, climbing and even jumping. People are shocked when I tell them that I will be 62 this year. When I went back to Mexico in the December of 2015, not only did I make it up the Sun Pyramid, but I was first to the top. I am free now and the future is wide open.


Iwan ap Huw Morgan, Wales

Since beginning this work I can say that I have healed myself in so many ways, but the first step for me was to heal my emotions. I was carrying a lot of heavy energy which I had accumulated from years of drug addiction and unemployment, and the social conditioning that came with it. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. Being honest with myself, I saw that somehow I was addicted to my own suffering and caught in the web of my old story. After starting this work, I felt that the weight of my destructive emotions, especially my fears, lifted off me and dissolved. My relationship with myself, and with others, especially my family, improved dramatically. I also found the confidence to go to the gym again – something I hadn’t done in years. This made me so happy, and also gave me more energy. As I delved deeper into the work, I saw that a miraculous transformation was taking place, and that I was a true warrior. Love for myself and my passions in life were fully restored. I started to paint again with an energy I had never known. A few months later I was in Berlin taking part in a group exhibition. I am now a self-employed artist and daily practitioner of the art of nahualism, on the path to becoming a professional therapist and healer.


Teresa del Valle, Mexico

A few years ago, I started attending Sergio’s workshops in Mexico City. Undoubtedly, all of them were very insightful and useful. However, it was when I took the Andean path that I understood the importance of having that special bond with the forces of nature and the universe because of that important principle of reciprocity, especially for healing. A few days later, my brother, a middle-aged surgeon who worked for one of the most renowned hospitals in Mexico, was infected with hepatitis C while doing surgery. Soon afterwards, severe liver damage set in and his health deteriorated. The doctors tried every single treatment, every single drug, but nothing worked and he was declared terminally ill. In despair, I asked him if I could use one of Sergio’s techniques, the Coatlicue, on him. You can imagine the look on this medical doctor’s face! However, since he had nothing to lose, he agreed. It was nerve-racking because there was no room for error. Somehow I found the courage to make a start. It took me almost two hours to complete the process and by then my brother was asleep. I took that as a good sign. Next day, when I went to check on him, he told me that he had had a terrible night with a piercing pain in his liver as if he had undergone real surgery. He had thought I’d made things worse, but then the pain had started to subside and he’d finally got to sleep. I was determined to heal him, so I told him I had to repeat the process as many times as necessary. To his surprise, once I’d done it three times he started feeling better. He went back to the hospital to have his colleagues run some blood and liver tests. When they saw the results, they called him back to repeat the tests, as they thought there’d been a mistake. The second time around, the doctors still couldn’t believe the results: his triglycerides levels had fallen from almost 500mg to 150mg within two weeks, the size of his liver had gone back to normal and its surface was pretty smooth. Two months later he had fully recovered. He went back to work at the hospital that had given up on him and sent him home to die. I believe this technique allowed me to bring death to the spirit of the disease and life to my brother’s liver.


Rick Maurmann, Oregon, USA

This was an amazing process. Pressing the obsidian arrowhead numbed the area before we pierced our skin with the agave thorn. I was able to release the heavy energy of things I had been told in my childhood, the hurtful words I had said to myself and others and the failures of my life. I had a blank slate and was ready to forgive myself and set out on a new path of enlightenment. I realized I was tougher and stronger than I had imagined. Upon finishing the exercise, we went into a dark area of the cave we were working in. As I sat quietly, I began to realize I could see the raw energy of the cave. There was twinkling white light everywhere I looked. Then I saw the energy of the man of the cave [a spirit guardian]. The next energetic body I saw was that of the feathered coyote [guardian of nahualism and the caves of power] pacing back and forth in front of me. As I acknowledged his presence, he came up to me, wrapped his front paws around my neck and we hugged. That was amazing!


Maxine Tezcacoatl and Noel Ollinacatl, Canada

My husband, Noel, and I have done three cycles of spinning and continue to be amazed at the results. Besides the calmness that we have gained from this meditation, Noel is regaining his hair, my own hair has started going back to its original red, and both of us have drastically reduced our wrinkles. The places where Noel’s head was completely smooth now have hair sprouting all over them. One day my young niece was over and positioned herself on the couch to look down at Noel’s head. When he asked what she was doing, she responded, ‘Watching your hair grow.’ At that point, neither of us had spoken to anyone about the changes we had been experiencing. At work one of my colleagues, who hadn’t seen me in a year, commented on how much he liked my new hair colour. All I had been doing was using the techniques Sergio had taught us. The most dramatic change I have experienced came only a month ago, after my third cycle of spinning: hip pain that I had had for 10 years completely subsided.
It still amazes us how an ancient Toltec rejuvenation practice, performed for just 18 minutes a day, has allowed us to transform our bodies and our lives.


María Lampert, UK/Hungary

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2009 and Lyme disease in 2010. After several trials on very serious drugs such as methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine and sulfasalazine, the inflammation markers in my body had not improved; in fact they had got worse. So I was put on steroids and opioid drugs. The prognosis was awful and depressing. Around that time I met Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl in London and read his first book, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun. I felt the information was logical, simple and powerful, so I started doing the exercises every day. Well, most days, as I wasn’t well enough sometimes. Despite my lack of discipline, my general health improved. I was able to get off the opioid painkillers, and the steroids too, and I felt alive and most importantly hopeful again. I also found doctors with a different approach to Lyme who could help me even more. About half a year later, Sergio came back to London to teach rejuvenation exercises. The class was very interesting but intense, and for me, a bit tiring. So I decided to continue with just the easiest exercise, the spinning. I practised by myself at home daily. A couple of weeks later I visited my family in Hungary and decided to talk about my experiences. My audience asked me to practise the spinning with them, so we did it together – about 20 ladies. It was an amazing feeling! I also had great feedback from the participants. When I arrived back home, I visited my rheumatologist and had my regular blood test. A few weeks later I was recalled for another test because the first one was ‘too good’ to be true without drugs! The second one was even better: apart from one inflammation marker, everything was perfect, and still is now. My most recent Lyme blood test showed only one strain of borrelia [parasite] with slight positivity as opposed to six different strains three years ago. I am eternally grateful for the Toltec teachings!


Lorella Leonetti, Madrid, Spain

When my brother and I left Sergio’s ‘Psychic Surgery’ course, he said, ‘It’s always good to know about these topics, but honestly I don’t think we can apply them to anything useful.’ We kissed goodbye and he left. He had a football match the next day. The next afternoon he called me to say that he had torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. He couldn’t even stand, much less drive. I rushed over to take him to hospital, but all of a sudden he said, ‘Why don’t we go to your place and you do surgery on me the way Sergio taught us yesterday?’ Of course I told him he was out of his mind and I couldn’t treat something so serious with a technique that we had never used before. Nevertheless, he insisted. In the end, I thought to myself, Well, it won’t matter if we get to the hospital an hour later – he’ll be scheduled for surgery anyway. I took out my notes and followed Sergio’s instructions. During the process my brother told me he felt the same pain as when he had undergone ‘real’ surgeries. Afterwards, he fell asleep for around two hours and when he woke up he said, ‘The pain has gone.’ He recovered fully in two days. You might say he hadn’t torn his ligament after all, but he had torn ligaments several times before and was pretty familiar with the pain, and with post-operative pain. Another time, I was in a remote spot on the Amalfi coast in Italy with my husband’s family when Marilena, my sisterin-law’s daughter, who was eight months pregnant, suffered a severe haemorrhage. We were all very scared. I approached her and asked for her permission to try an unconventional healing method until help arrived. She agreed and I started doing the first thing that came to my mind: stitching the neck of the uterus and repairing the placenta so that the baby would not be born prematurely. Shortly afterwards the haemorrhage started to diminish. Within 15 minutes it had totally stopped. By the time the paramedics arrived, Marilena could stand up and walk. When we arrived at the hospital, the physician who examined her said it seemed as if someone had sutured her uterine neck and he could not explain how the haemorrhage had stopped. I have performed a lot of minor psychic surgery and am currently helping a friend in Milan who has breast cancer. Distance is no hindrance. It is true that we have great inner power and Sergio has taught me there are no boundaries.


Stefania, Italy

In 2015 I was diagnosed with a breast tumour. The doctor suggested surgery and radiation treatment, but I thought that there had to be another way to regain my health. After meeting Sergio and attending one of his workshops, I worked with my dreams and underworlds and learned how to cleanse my cave. Six months later, when I went back to my doctor for a checkup, my tumour had gone. My doctor didn’t believe it was possible without treatment, but had to admit there had been a spontaneous remission. After that, I attended Sergio’s rejuvenation workshop and did a cycle of exercises for 52 days. Well, I had a wonderful result. I am 52 years old and I look 35. My friends have asked me if I have had plastic surgery. I am still spinning and doing the cross exercise. I am healthy and I feel great.


Antoinette Gutierrez, Ozomacihuatl; San Diego, USA

I am Mexican, but I didn’t know what that really meant until I studied the Toltec and Mexihca path. It has been an insightful healing journey of mystery, transformation, mindfulness, patience, faith and discipline. These teachings offer a way of transforming our lives by releasing old belief systems and blocks that keep us from being in peace, love and harmony with ourselves, others, and the world around us. Following the practices has helped me resolve my problems and move through the energetic changes that I face on a daily basis in the fast-moving modern world. I am fascinated by the results of the rejuvenation exercises, which provide a simple path to let go of all that is not serving me and to bring myself in balance with my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The healing modalities have cemented my connection with the elements and nature and provided me with the confidence to teach and heal others. The teachings have given me practical tools to create the connections needed to live a beautiful life, the life of my dreams. Ometeotl.


Elin Gwyn, Ontario, Canada

In May 2013 I attended two workshops by Sergio. These courses opened up a new world to me. I noticed that the way I interacted with life started to change, as did the way life interacted with me… My physical and emotional health started to improve through the practices as well as through new health practitioners emerging to help. Difficult relationships began improving within my family and co-workers, and more abundance arrived (new jobs for my husband). In March 2015, I attended Sergio’s rejuvenation workshop. I began doing the flowering rejuvenation exercise for 52 days as required, and felt better and better. I decided then that since I was older (early fifties) and had a few physical and emotional issues needing attention, I would do four movements of it. So I did it 208 days in a row, asking for physical and emotional healing, the healing of my ancestors, and to meet the right people and have the right experiences for my flowering. One of the first changes I noticed was that getting over jet lag was much easier. I barely had any jet lag when I traveled to Europe, sleeping well from the first night (normally a five-day process for me). I became a more easy-going person and found it much easier just to ‘go with the flow’. I had the strength and discipline to stay on a rigorous healing diet (both at home and through nine weeks of travel). I laugh more often now and life is full of greater joy. The daily practice became a supportive meditation where I could address clearing my path of thorns. I would often hold the intention of healing of my ancestors and bloodline too. I am from a large family and since there are so many of us there are quite a few mental and physical health issues. Since I have completed my practice, one family member has finally left her abusive husband and got a divorce. Another, who suffers from seasonal affective disorder, has had her healthiest winter in a long time. Another finally decided to have a hip-replacement surgery. I cannot say for sure that these events were due to clearing the ancestral line, but it does leave you wondering. One day last November as I was doing the Cosmic Cross rejuvenation practice, I had a moment of doubt and wondered if it had really had an impact on my life. Within 20 minutes of that thought there was a knock at the front door. The mail man was there with a registered letter saying that my husband would be receiving the money that he was owed by his previous company. Was that just coincidence? I don’t think so.


Dr Patricia Quintos, Mexico City

When I attended Sergio’s workshop, I asked Metztli, the moon, to make it possible for me to redecorate my house. After a while, it totally slipped my mind. However, one day I changed a wardrobe. Then I got rid of a carpet. Next I had the kitchen, the living-room and the dining-room floors changed. Then I had all these rooms painted. Everything happened gradually and smoothly. Sometime later I was rereading my notes on the workshop and realized all these changes had taken place in line with my request. At that moment Sergio’s words hit me: ‘Write down your requests, because we tend to forget them.