Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl
Teacher of Dreams and the Unconscious

“We are what we dream… Collective change begins with individual change”
Sergio Magaña.

Sergio Magaña is a Practitioner and Teacher of a spiritual lineage that began 5,000 years ago in Mesoamerica with the chichimecas and was passed on to the Aztecs, the last great culture. This knowledge is still preserved today by the nahua speaking communities and is now experiencing a worldwide rebirth, transcending the borders of Mexico. The part of this knowledge in which he has specialized, is the one known as Toltecayotl (the knowledge of wise men) that encompasses Nahualism: the teachings imparted to rulers, warriors and priests on how to control reality through dreams, a deep exploration of what we nowadays call the unconscious, to overcome all of our weaknesses and become the best possible version of ourselves. It also encompasses dream states, which are altered states that combine being asleep and being awake and allow us to see into other energetic dimensions.
Sergio Ocelocoyotl travels around the world and has a community of more than 100,000 students.

He has given courses and conferences in recognized institutes and prestigious organizations such as:

Palazzo Reale (Torino Spiritualità)
Royal Geographical Society
Breaking Convention, Greenwich University
New York Open Center
Palacio de Minería’s International Book Fair
World Congress for Holistic Medicine Munich
Hay House I can do it London and Birmingham
L.A. Conscious Expo
London College of Psych Studies
Alternatives London

Sergio is also a prolific and successful writer, who reinterprets the ancient wisdom for the modern mind. In his latest book “Caves of Power”, he delves into the ancestral techniques of using energy to heal, rejuvenate and manifest. He also explains how we all have a hidden power located where our instincts and the unconscious live, and describes the steps to free ourselves from darkness and connect with our internal power to improve all aspects of our lives.

His main interest is for people to learn how to search for the answers they need inside of them through the different dream states. He also opens the prospect to astrology, numerology and energy systems of the Mexican tradition which can be applied to reach our total well-being.

Sergio Magaña currently resides in Mexico City and travels the world teaching the beauty of the old Mexican tradition. He imparts courses, conferences and workshops worldwide.

A warrior only lives twice
once for himself
once for his dreams.
The years go by
and life seems devious
until a dream appears
and FREEDOM is its name.
Freedom is a stranger
who signals the way
don’t think about danger
or the stranger will be gone.
This dream is for you
therefore, pay the price!
turn this dream into reality.
A warrior only lives twice.

Nahuatl poem